The 2022 CARE Award Nominees Are Here!

Born out of a desire to encourage teachers during a global crisis, we created the CARE Awards to spotlight educators who were making a difference in their schools and community. With these awards, BSD Education would like to recognize those that have gone above and beyond.

At BSD Education, our aim is to equip students not only with the technical skills to use tools but also the moral compass to use them for good. CARE award nominees represent a diverse group of teachers with different backgrounds and experiences. Each exemplifies one or more of BSD Education’s four foundational characteristics known as CARE: they are curious, adaptable, resilient, and empathetic.

Starting May 2nd, the CARE Award winners will be chosen by the public and voting will take place from May 2-20.

Meet this year’s CARE Award nominees below, then go cast a vote here.

Curiosity Nominees

Andrew Moeller
New International School of Japan

Despite a lack of experience, Andrew jumped at the chance to use BSD Online with his students in a pilot program. Since then, he has developed the tech curriculum from BSD lesson plans that back his existing methodology.

Luzanne Bodenstein
Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai

Luzanne supported her students to explore different robotics and coding elements to problem solve.  She facilitates content creation through various digital tools allowing students to creatively share their learning and passions.

Benadette Manning
Boston Day and Evening Academy

A math teacher for over 25 years, Benadette believes that all students can learn math and that students need engaged support to succeed. She runs a non-profit for installing beehives in schools, an added boost to student curiosity.

Tenzin Tshering
Desuung Skill Program

Tenzin took on the challenge of teaching coding and his curiosity for technology shines through every lesson. This was made obvious when he led the training of more than 200 Desuunps (volunteers) with the coding curriculum and lesson plans.

CARE Award Nominees: Adaptability

Chelsey Williams
International Community School in Singapore

As a middle school tech teacher, there are many hands-on projects in her curriculum. It has been difficult with students out with covid, or school going online. Despite this, she has done an amazing job teaching and inspiring her students.

Rayne Clinton
Liguori Academy

Rayne excelled in his effort to make the move from one culture and adapted immediately to the Liguori method. He is now teaching and supervising our esports team in partnership with The Emerald Foundation. Rayne is constantly adapting to the student needs at Liguori Academy, especially as it relates to the curriculum in technology.  

Dana Laut
George W. Childs Elementary School

Dana introduced BSD to the 4th grade teachers and students and have learned a lot. Very knowledgable and supports my students and myself to create an excellent experience in creating projects/assignments using technology.

Charlie Hill
New International School of Japan

With a community that is 98% NESB and very limited in resources, Charlie found himself supporting students one on one, via zoom and phone. Charlie has shown a deep understanding of connection, adaptability, and dedication to student learning and wellbeing.

CARE Award Nominees: Resilience

Binita Sarkar
Centre of Excellence Kingmakerz of the Future Kolkata

In response to the pandemic, Binita learned new technologies and mentored and trained her colleagues. Most importantly, she knew it was the time to drop the baggage of “ I know” and accept “ I don’t know”. She had to unlearn, relearn and rediscover and she won several accolades.

Jarret Berenson
String Theory Schools

When one of his students was struggling with the “Eye Chart” coding assignment, Jarret encouraged her to read BSD-provided resources on HTML and CSS, and this helped her with the rest of the assignment. She went from being frustrated to stating that the task was “really fun”.

Amy Abella
Haddonfield Elementary School

Amy is a new school librarian who learned about coding alongside her students this year. She loved watching the concepts “click” and seeing their imaginations take off with all they can do with their new skills.

CARE Award Nominees: Empathy

Zeth Bell
Bloomfield High School

A computer science teacher, Zeth saw the need for developing digital skills with diversity and inclusion in mind.

Betty Anggraeni
Sekolah Cikal Amri

Betty found the pandemic difficult because student engagement was so low. She used BSD Online and other virtual tools to stimulate student’s contribution and online  discussion online,

Alex Clapacs
Elementary Institute of Science

Alex really empathizes with our students that come from underserved communities. He makes the classes super fun and interesting that they start to love coding themselves.

Declan Barney
Nord Anglia International School of Hong Kong

Declan consistently supports empathetically and expresses his passion for teaching. Over the last year, he’s proven himself a resilient educator who helps the community.

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