We are a technology education company on a mission to give every student access to the skills they need for the future.  Today, we help thousands of students – how did we get here?



Our co-founder, Nickey Khemchandani graduated from high school in Hong Kong with offers to attend London School of Economics and other top ranked universities but couldn't afford to attend so he looks for a job instead.

Luckily Nickey self taught himself coding, design and development during high school which allowed him to get a decent job immediately after high school.   He learned first hand how critical it is to build career relevant skills from the outset.


Nickey, and his co-founder Chris Geary, set up BSD Coding and Design Academy to make sure every kid has access to the same advanced technology education which Nickey taught himself.  Believing that learning is a lifelong process, they taught all ages from 5-95 and in the process built their own content, curriculum and online development platform designed specifically for technology education.


BSD expanded their work directly with schools in an effort to reach every student with advanced technology education as a part of their basic K-12 education.  Their approach allows schools to embed technology education throughout the curriculum without requiring them to hire a new teacher or add time to the school day.


BSD Code and Design Academy is rebranded as BSD Education to reflect the work that we are doing with schools.  We launched the Connect2Work platform to help graduates of our program secure entry level roles at companies in their community without requiring a university education.


Grow your career with us, join the global BSD Education team. From Educators, Technologists, Sales, Business Development and Software Engineering.

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