BSD Education is dedicated to empowering the kids of today with the tools for tomorrow.

We partner with schools to make it easy to integrate technology curriculum, including coding into all subjects, without the need to hire skilled professionals.

We provide an online learning environment, customized curriculum and professional development to empower every teacher to use technology in the classroom.

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What We Provide

BSD Education provides project based Technology Education Curriculum for 8-18 year olds and comprehensive training and support for teachers.

BSD’s curriculum can be implemented immediately with no prior experience and is mapped to US, IB and British academic standards.

With curriculum for technology courses, all core subjects and after school and tech camps, BSD can be used by all teachers to give their students the essential technology skills and mindsets to succeed in the future.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to make the learning and application of technology and design accessible to all students and teachers.

We help students develop the right mindset to use technology to solve difficult problems. Students will have the self-esteem, empathy and skills they need to shape their futures.

BSD Students will learn to CARE for the future. They will be:

Curious – always seeking to learn.

Adaptable – never afraid to try something new.

Resilient – willing to start again and learn from challenges.

Empathetic – thoughtful about how their technology impacts the world.


The Issue


Technology education is absolutely vital for children to succeed in the future. Most schools recognize this, but it can be difficult to deliver it effectively.

To understand why this was the case, we conducted research, working directly with schools and students across a multitude of socio-economic, cultural and intellectual backgrounds.

We found that whilst schools want to do more with technology, there are three fundamental barriers to integrating it effectively:

Confidence: Teachers don’t usually have a tech background and so can see it as risky and unfamiliar. Professional development for an area that is new and technical can be hard to access

Content: Technology is constantly changing. Curriculum can therefore become quickly outdated

Community: Teachers don’t have a community of practice or peers to learn from and share ideas

Our Solutions


Based on this research, we have worked with thousands of students and teachers, including 34000 hours of classroom testing, to create a solution that drives the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers.


Curricula for a dedicated pathway of technology learning, and curricula that is integrated into subjects.


An online teaching environment that gives teachers confidence by putting them in control of the learning experience.


Professional development that enables every teacher to integrate technology into their classroom.

Our Approach to Learning

We focus on being able to integrate technology curriculum into all subject areas so that every student, no matter their interest, can develop the skills required for the future.

Our curriculum is divided into engaging, easy-to-follow modules that enable students to e.g. build a data collection app to gather live data from a basketball game to study in statistics or build a website about the history of ancient civilizations.

Whatever the context, a cross curricular presence of technology means that all students develop their computational and design thinking skills in contexts that most connect with their interests.

This approach encourages students to develop not only technical skills, but also the confidence and empathy required to solve the world’s most pressing problems.


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