Summer STEAM Camps

Little Engineers: The World Of LEGO Robotics

Learn about hardware and technology to build a robot with LEGO® Mindstorms!


Different types of machines surround us and make our everyday life easier. In this camp, students will be introduced to the concept of machines and their different types of mechanisms and functions. The camp will also look at the concept of aggregation in the context of machines. Through this, the students will learn how a collection of small, simple mechanisms (in this case, LEGO® Midnstorms pieces!) working together, when combined, forms into a complex and stronger machine.

Students will be given a set of instructions on how to build a LEGO® robot model using a specific mechanism or function. Students are encouraged to observe, do a simple analysis and then customize the model. All models that students will work on from BSD’s original ideation.


At the end of the camp, having a better understanding of the different mechanisms, simple design practices and concepts, students will have built various models such as lifts, buggy steering mechanism, and grabbing claw among others.

Tech Skills
  • Fundamentals of Robotics and Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Application of Simple Machines
  • Digital Literacy
Soft Skills
  • Design Thinking
  • Observation
  • Simple Analysis
  • Creativity
  • Computational Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Fine motor development

Course Details:

Ages: 6+
Duration: 5 days, total of 15 hours
Location: Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (address will be sent after registration)

Price: HK$4,180

*Payment methods include Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer and Paypal

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