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Access BSD’s world-class tech ed teaching & learning platform: BSD Online with over 100 hours of guided projects covering coding, web design, game development, and more. Comes with hour-by-hour lesson plans and live, human chat for technical and content support


$120 USD/ year

Every subscription gives you 40 student accounts.

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A World-Class Teaching & Learning Experience

For Students

For Teachers

  • Expert scaffolding allows young students to learn text-based coding
  • Automatic coaching tips help nudge students to overcome errors
  • Interactive glossaries reinforce concepts and allow for tinkering
  • Easily publish and share projects in one-click, hosted for free
  • Build-out a portfolio of digital artifacts to showcase with admissions panels or employers
  • Live-view of student projects to capitalize on learning opportunities
  • Lessons are fully resourced and ready to go, minimizing prep time
  • Quick login codes ensure that getting class started is a cinch
  • Real-time support chat with a coach for technical and content help
  • 100 hours of innovative technology education content that students love

Innovative Courses

Code Is: Your Voice

This introductory course allows students build digital artifacts and share what is important to them. Students are guided through the experience with video tutorials and BSD’s code glossary.

First Steps in Coding

Gain an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and get a solid head start in website development! Using real-world technology, students will create websites and web-based applications. They will build their own digital posters, trivia games and personalized websites.

First Steps in Game development

This course is the perfect introductory experience for learning digital skills in the world of gaming and programming. Students will learn how to plan, design and develop their very first web-based game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They will pick up valuable skills along the way such as planning, designing game assets, and creating digital special effects.

Technology and Me

Students will learn introductory skills in HTML and CSS while exploring basic concepts in JavaScript. Students will create their own personal web-page, a blog, make their own quiz game, and develop other similar digital artifacts. These projects will teach the basics of web design along with critical digital skills like design thinking, prototyping, and digital citizenship.

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