Reduce Lesson Planning from Hours to Minutes with Generative AI

Learn to use generative AI, such as chatbots, to create comprehensive lesson plans, including prerequisites, standards alignment, resources, differentiation, homework, assessments, and more. 

After the course, you'll be...

  • Able to write lesson plans, resources, and assessments in minutes
  • An authority on the responsible use of AI in education
  • Unafraid of, comfortable with, and even excited about the implications of AI for your teaching career

Certification & Gift

When you complete the course, you’ll receive a CPD Standards Office Certificate and a special gift from our partners at Synthminds AI and Synaptic Labs, a prompt crafting booklet for teachers with use cases, prompt examples, and best practices to unlock AI for your classroom ($99 value for free).

Supercharge Your Teaching with AI Chatbots for Time-Saving Resource Creation!

Ready to revolutionize your teaching? Join our 3-hour, self-paced journey into generative AI designed especially for educators like you! In this course, you’ll learn to unleash AI’s potential with the art of prompt crafting (how to talk to AI). Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to streamlined lesson planning, personalized instruction, automated emails, and creative assessments.

You’ll gain priceless insights, master the latest techniques, and become an AI virtuoso in education. Our course immerses you in an interactive experience where you’ll write and test your own prompts using a live chatbot, and walk away with a comprehensive lesson plan. Complete the full course to earn CPD credit along with a reputable certificate. 

Don’t miss your chance to supercharge your teaching and save precious time! 

AI for Teachers

Course Outline

AI Unveiled

Get acquainted with large language models (LLM) and their impact on education.

AI's Boundaries

Learn AI’s limitations – training data, context sensitivity, and biases.

Best Practices

Explore prompt engineering and learn best practices and intermediate techniques.

effortless Lessons

Optimize lesson planning using AI while being aware of its constraints.

Ethics In Action

Master responsible AI in classrooms with privacy checklists, do’s, and don’ts.

Reflect & Grow

Internalize takeaways, and envision AI in your teaching practice.

About Us & Our Partners

BSD Education

We close the gap between K12 and employability. By providing comprehensive digital curricula and powerful professional development, we empower educators to teach cutting-edge technology disciplines.

Synthminds AI

A full-service AI agency offering consulting, training, and results-driven solutions. Officially recognized as one of only 18 OpenAI expert developers, we help businesses of all sizes master AI technology.

Synaptic Labs

Dedicated to making AI technologies accessible and equitable to all through education and integration. We focus on AI safety, value alignment among stakeholders, and ethical use and development of AI.