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AI Webcam Image Classifier

Build an AI image classifier (powered by machine learning) that uses data from your webcam to classify objects. Train it to recognize and classify new objects!

My Favorites Website

This specific project that you are about to start is called My Favorites and focuses on creating a webpage to share the top 3 things that you are interested in or love doing.

People Who Inspire Me

Students gain valuable coding skills while building their own web page showing three influential people in their lives who inspire them.

Support My Cause

Build a landing page to collect the email addresses of supporters of your favorite cause.

Jokes & Riddles

Have a favorite joke or riddle? Build a set of interactive cards that flip to reveal the answer to your favorite jokes or riddles.

Trivia Game Maker

It’s trivia game time! Learn how to build a simple quiz game using HTML and JavaScript.

Life Below Water

Build your own Life Below Water animation and use it to raise awareness about protecting our seas and oceans!

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