TechNovators courses are designed to be used in out-of-school time environments like camps, clubs, afterschool programs, summer enrichment and other similar uses. Each course is up to 25 hours and explores themes like, website development, game development, App Development, VR and even AI.

Each course is centered around a series of guided projects that students work through to learn new digital skills. Once the guided projects are completed, students can customize their projects and share them as a portfolio of work. Along the way students will learn additional skills in design thinking, computational thinking and digital citizenship.

The curriculum is divided into 3 Levels:


  • First Steps in Coding
  • First Steps in Game Development
  • Build your Tech Startup
  • Remake Classic Games with Scratch
  • 3D Game Design and Development with Roblox
  • First Steps in Python


  • Mobile Game Developer
  • Video Game Design with Phaser


  • Code the Future with Artificial Intelligence
  • Code Your Own World with VR

Aims of TechNovators


Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Roblox®, Python, and Scratch®.


Acquire skills in App, Game and Web Development, Digital Production, Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Game Design.


Create real-world products and digital artifacts for their portfolios in every course.


Develop collaboration, communication, research and design skills to solve real-world problems.


Courses finish with presentations, shareable online projects and a portfolio of work.

Structure of TechNovators

TechNovators is designed to be led by an instructor in a virtual, hybrid or offline learning environment, with the possibility of allowing students to complete Guided Projects self-paced or asynchronously. All TechNovators lessons center around the completion of a Guided Project that, once finished, provides students with their own digital artifact customized to their individual creative vision and ideas.

Following our 3-step approach to curriculum Explore, Learn & Create, learning unfolds by exploring new concepts, learning tools and methods needed to produce a digital artifact and then creating the artifact in a Guided Project.

Explore: Students will be introduced to new topics and subjects in an engaging way. Students will encounter videos, interactive games and other introductory materials.

Learn: Teachers will lead students through more detail and teach concepts that are needed to complete the Create phase successfully. Teachers will be provided with slides, instructional notes, student worksheets and other resources for teaching.

Create: Students will be working on a BSD Guided Project or other creative endeavours to synthesize what they have learned in the previous steps. Once the Guided Project is complete, students will be able to customize further or share their work with a public URL.

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