Our Offerings

Real World Project based Technology Education

BSD Education provides project based Technology Education Curriculum for technology courses, all core subjects and after school and technology camps.

Mapped to a range of international standards, our curriculum can be used by all teachers to give their students the essential technology skills and mindsets to succeed in the future.

Based on our research, including 34,000 hours of classroom testing, we have worked with schools to create solutions that drive the next generation of creative thinkers
and problem solvers: Technology Education Curriculum (Programs of Learning), Online Learning Platform and Professional Development Training.

Programs of Learning
Teaching Materials: Ready-to-use Curriculum

We design, develop and deliver programs of learning to help schools integrate Technology Education into their subjects, after school programs, camps and more.

Online Learning Platform
Learning Support Tool: No Experience Required

Developed with teachers in classroom environments, BSD Online contains all the tools and information to scaffold teachers with no prior experience, and empower students as learning progresses.

Professional Development Training
Skills Teachers Need: Adopt immediately

Our Learning Experience team gives teachers the skills and confidence they need to adopt, implement and sustain their delivery of Technology Education seamlessly in their classrooms. In fact, 76% of our teachers have little to no experience in Technology but have implemented digital skills into their classes in a single term.

Our Learning Values


BSD helps students develop the right mindset to use technology to solve difficult problems. Students will have the self-esteem, empathy and skills they need to shape their futures. Students that complete BSD projects will learn to CARE about the future. They will be:

Curious – always seeking to learn

Adaptable – never afraid to try something new

Resilient – willing to learn from challenges and start again

Empathetic – thoughtful about how their technology impacts the world

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