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How Soon Should Students Be Introduced to Technology?

Our everyday lives are closely intertwined and supported by technology and this makes it impossible to create a “tech-free environment” for our children – and to be honest, that is not something we should strive for because appropriate and moderated tech use can bring about positive benefits to your child or student’s development!

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Meeting The Needs of Today’s Learners with Constructionism

If you have been around the ed-tech scene anytime in the past 10 years, you have probably encountered popular products like Lego Robotics, Scratch, App Inventor, or Pi-top, and have even seen the rise of educational makerspaces. All of these popular approaches to education have something in common. They all stem from a common root in an educational pedagogy called constructionism. If you are interested in the roots and history of constructionism, I recommend that you read my three-part series on the topic.

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How To Design a Culturally Relevant Curriculum

There tends to be two major schools of thought about culturally relevant teaching practices. The first is to tailor instructional materials so that they fit into the culture of the child. The second is to expose children to a wide range of cultures through varied instructional materials. In a recent blog post by Mark Barnett, he explores how a well rounded culturally relevant curriculum would seamlessly integrate both of these ideas so that the culture of origin for the child is respected before introducing other cultures and values.

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The Positive Impact of Innovation in EdTech

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the world, but as we begin the process of recovery, one of the positives that can be taken from the pandemic is how EdTech continued to evolve and experience the environmental impact. Ella Melville-Shaw examines these developments in education and technology.

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Why Digital Skills Should be in Your Learning Loss Recovery Plan

The pandemic has affected all aspects of life, and the disruption felt by students is no exception. A phrase that has been top of mind lately is learning loss. Ryan Kramer addresses the issue by sharing how digital skills benefit education and lift students’ ability to learn after an unconventional school year.

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The Role of EdTech During A Global Pandemic

It’s been a full year since COVID-19 affected us all globally and forced us to quickly adapt to a new way of life. A significant change, in particular, was to the workplace and educational establishments. Teachers and students were suddenly expected to adopt a digital way of learning and had to rely on EdTech platforms like never before.

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Addressing the Digital Divide: Where Do We Go From Here?

This past year has emphasized the importance of understanding what it takes to holistically support the academic success and personal development of our youth. Virtual Learning has forcibly engaged every stakeholder at every stage of a child’s development to acknowledge important determinants of our future.

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How Digital Education is Affecting Young Students

During the early years, the educational focus is less on cultivating particular technical skills and more about creating digital familiarity, developing ways of thinking (such as computational thinking and design thinking), and building a foundation for fluency. This can be done in all manner of ways and it is never too young for students to start on the journey of creating with digital tools and skills.

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