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6 Ways Machine Learning Will Evolve Classrooms in 2021

By definition, machine learning uses artificial intelligence to improve upon itself, when utilized by educators in the classroom, it opens up a number of opportunities for schools to optimize their curriculum and teaching. In this article, I’ve identified six interesting developments and challenges from my research that may help to guide educators through 2021.

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What Does the Future of EdTech Look Like?

EdTech has taken a front-row seat in the global business landscape in 2020 with investors making significant bets on established and larger companies in growth investment rounds. 2021 will be a year when the disruption of 2020 becomes the new normal and it is against this backdrop that the future of EdTech will truly be defined.

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Can Technologist and Educator Agree on Digital Terms?

As the Hour of Code week approaches, we asked Mark Barnett, our VP of Education, and Nickey Khemchandani, our CTO to reflect on the importance of coding, what really matters in coding education, and to share their ideas on how educators and technologists can benefit from collaborating.

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Our Brains are Wired for Games and Play: How Can Learning be More Playful?

It turns out that playing games and engaging in other forms of play are deeply stimulating and intuitive activities that require cognitive thinking and problem solving, the very things that education strives to achieve. Instead of shunning play in education altogether, perhaps there are ways in which we can leverage play in classrooms as a way to keep children engaged while learning.

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Understanding Personalized Education in Schools

Too often, nowadays, we try to find a tech solution to all that we do and often begin to lose focus on what is most important. Personalized learning is not about technology. Let us not forget the power and importance of teacher-student relationships and our role as teachers in inspiring and being beacons to our learners.

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How Digital Education is Affecting Young Students

At BSD, we believe that all students should learn digital skills and be able to apply them to a range of contexts. That is why we advocate for these skills to be taught across subject areas, topics, and age groups. Even though younger students may not be able to label that they are learning digital skills, technology is now second nature. 

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Ensuring Your Students’ Data Privacy in Online Classrooms

With the ongoing global pandemic, schools around the world have had to embrace the use of technology to power their classrooms and educate their students. However, in the rush to address these challenges, less attention has been paid to the privacy of data shared by online learning too

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Building Teacher Community through Teachers-Meet-Businesses

We are committed to providing teachers with opportunities to nurture their connections to other teachers through various initiatives but most recently through a new talk series called “Teachers Meet Businesses”. The aim was to build a community that bridged the gap between educators and businesses in terms of preparing students for the workplace.

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How to Build Student Agency in 2020

One desirable quality that employers are looking for in future candidates is the ability to take initiative. In other words, this means having agency. So the question is now, how do you develop agency in students?

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