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Why We Aim For Students To CARE

As we have seen around the world in the last few years technology is not only ubiquitous, but more powerful than ever. A power at the hands of everyone. From a young age, then, we want to equip students not only with the technical skills to use tools but also the moral compass to use them for good. We call this teaching students to CARE – to be curious, adaptable, resilient and empathetic to the world around them.

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Integrating Technology Education Into Schools: The How

In this post we will share how we work with schools globally to integrate Technology Education in their existing curricula in a simple, 3 step process. Once a school has decided to partner with us, they can be ready to start teaching with BSD curriculum in less than a week!

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Education Technology vs. Technology Education

As educators, we want to bring the most relevant and engaging learning experience to our students to ensure they are prepared for the future. One effective way to do this is to bring on “meaningful technology activities” into the classroom, but what does this mean? Where do you start?

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It’s Time for Data – And Time To Make Time for Data

The technology tools on offer today impact not just the fabric of the school, such as learning management systems, but also the hands on learning of students, such as online learning platforms. All of these platforms produce data and it is in the amalgamation of all of this data that the benefits will be found, rather than in a single tool in isolation.

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5 EdTech Tools You Should Try in 2019

“At BSD, we believe that regular exposure to technology in a wide range of contexts is the best way to prepare students for using technology in their futures. One great way to bring technology into your classroom is to use EdTech tools. Here are 5 tools we think you should give a try!

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5 Technology Education Trends You’ll See in 2019

Our Education Team dedicate time to reflect on feedback to improve our curriculum and to research the new developments and trends in education to create our roadmap for our curriculum. Based on our recent research, we have identified these 5 trends in Technology Education.

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Top 10 (Non-Tech) Skills You Learn From Coding

Coding is more than just a technical skill. Students engaged in coding projects and activities will also develop a wide range of soft skills. In fact, when we talk to employers, we find that digital skills are the key to open the door, but the most important part of turning the opportunity into reality is being able to demonstrate the soft skills that go with them.

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The Missing Soft Skill: Empathy

Given future jobs are likely to have a heavy reliance on problem-solving, empathy surely belongs on the lists of skills that students should focus on. But how do you develop someone’s empathy?

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BSD In the News

Virtual Spring Tech Camps With BSD Education

With a range of virtual tech-related course offerings, BSD Education is here to help the little ones develop an inquisitive mind through technology.

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March 29, 2021

Fourteen-year-old girl takes the lead in organizing Hong Kong’s first global hackathon

A global hackathon aimed at inspiring girls and young people from underrepresented communities to enter the world of artificial intelligence is set to take place in Hong Kong for the first time later this month.

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March 8, 2021

Hong Kong-based BSD Education plans to raise $4m in its ongoing series A round

Hong Kong-based edtech firm BSD Education said it is currently in the process of raising US$4 million from undisclosed investors in its series A financing round.

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March 5, 2021

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