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If you could be a superhero, which superpowers would you want to have? Superman’s strength and eye beams? Elsa’s ability to create and manipulate snow? Scarlet Witch’s reality-warping powers?  There are so many types of superpowers that we see in movies and fairytales that get us excited and wonder about alternate universes. 

We often forget that we, too, can be superheroes with superpowers in our own ways, right here on Earth. We may not be as “cool” as Superman with beams shooting out of our eyes but we have to remember that these superpowers aren’t what makes a superhero. 

A superhero, in the most basic definition, is someone who helps solve problems for or with other people. They use their innate or acquired abilities and what they know to contribute to the community however they can. 

Whether you’re a teacher who inspires and teaches students the knowledge and skills they need, a pilot who ensures everyone’s safety, or a parent who nurtures the growth and development of their kids, we have all been superheroes making solutions for various scenarios and issues we see and encounter.

In our digital world, we’ve seen numerous possibilities with Technology. We’ve built electric cars to better our air pollution, bullet trains that can take you from countries A to B in 2 hours, apps that allow you to stay in contact with anyone at any time, and many more. Technology has allowed us to solve many problems, to be superheroes and use our superpowers to make an impact. And the best part about it is anyone, at any age and any time can learn it.

For this Hour of Code, we found it to be the best opportunity for you to unlock the Superpowers of Technology with your students and learn the basics of code in just an hour!

We’ve released a free, step-by-step project that you can access on our learning platform BSD Online, at any time from December 9th, as well as this article/guide to show you how easy it is to run in the classroom.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Project:

“Life Below Water”

The 15-step project focuses on raising awareness of Life under the sea by building a basic webpage about it that they can share with family and friends. 

Learn Coding languages (Superpowers):

HTML and CSS. These are real languages developers use that allow them to build websites and games.

Guide (Click to Jump In):
  1. Getting Started
  2. Finding the Project
  3. Getting Familiar with BSD Online
  4. Customizing Your Online Learning Environment
  5. Finishing the Project
  6. Saving Your Work
  7. Sharing With Family and Friends
Getting Started:

BSD Online can easily be accessed on any browser, preferably Google Chrome. It is fully equipped for teachers and students and has been used by hundreds of teachers to integrate Technology Education into their classrooms and subjects. 

Head to BSD Online at https://app.bsd.education/

Finding the project:

Under “Life Below Water” under “Projects”.

After opening the project, it will give you an introduction to the importance of protecting our seas and oceans. Feel free to use this as a thought-provoking starter with your students!

It will also show you what your students will be able to make by the end of the project.

Getting Familiar with BSD Online:

BSD Online has 3 main parts – 

The Instruction Panel

You may find step-by-step instructions here. You will find “Glossary” buttons where it shows interactive flashcards introducing certain concepts and examples of code. 

Glossary Cards:

To complete a step, you and your students will need to read the instructions, follow it, and ensure all objectives are met. Click on “check objectives” to do so. It helps confirm if the right code has been inputted and whether you can move on to the next step.

The Coding Panel

This is where you and your students will input your code. The instructions will mention which “lines” (the numbers on the left) to write code in, and which languages to use (between HTML and CSS).

For guidance, code that does not need to be changed will be locked. BSD Online will direct you to the line you need to add code in.

The Output Panel

This is where you and your students will see the results of your code. It can be refreshed every time a step is completed or by pressing the green circular button on the bottom right.

Customizing Your Online Learning Environment

You and your students can also customize your own settings to personalize your online learning environment. You can change the size of the text, use dark or light mode, toggle auto-refresh output panel and more.

Finishing the Project

Go ahead and finish all 15-steps with your students! If you come across any problems or issues, feel free to email us directly at info@bsd.education.

At the end of the project, it will give you a summary of all the coding and design concepts learned. You may also check out the output result on desktop versus mobile.

On the instructions panel under Summary, the project also allows you to bring it to “Sandbox Mode”. Sandbox Mode is where you and your students can independently further customize your projects with the concepts you’ve learned. All code is unlocked.

Here’s a student project that was winter-themed to raise awareness of the effects of Global Warming in Antarctica!

Saving Your Work:

If you would like to save your project, BSD Online will prompt you to create an account. Go ahead and “Use Your Google Account” if your school uses Gmail or create one with Email Address and Password.

Sharing with Family and Friends:

Feel free to share it with friends, families and colleagues through your unique project link or QR code!

We hope you and your students enjoy unlocking the Superpowers of coding and inspire you to create and build various solutions! Send us you and your students’ completed project links at info@bsd.education or tag us on Twitter or Linkedin with #BSDSuperpowers2019, and we could feature your work in our social media and next newsletter!

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