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Adventures With Roblox®

Ever wondered what it would be like to create your very own game? In one week, students will learn how to build their own interactive 3D obstacle course game using Roblox Studio, a free creative software with tools such as terrain modeling, object manipulation, lighting effects, and many more!

At the end of the week, students will be able to publish their game live to Roblox’s public gaming platform.x

Program Details:

For students in grades 4-5

Dates and Times:
June 29 – July 3rd at 9AM-3PM (Monday-Friday, 5 days) – Register Now!
July 13-17th at 9AM-3PM (Monday-Friday, 5 days) –
Register Now!

For students in grades 6-7

Dates and Times:
August 3-7th at 9AM-3PM (Monday-Friday, 5 days) – Register Now!

String Theory School – Open on Google Maps
1600 Vine St #8th, Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States

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