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StemQuest Jr: Star Wars BB8 Adventures

BB8 Adventures takes STEM to a galaxy far far away. This program combines all of the highlights from the latest Star Wars movies, specifically the newest droid, D-0 and the rest of the popular bots, which are certain to excite your 1st or 2nd grade camper! Each day, teams of campers (Squads) work together, with encouragement and guidance from their Jedi counselors, to customize droid-like robots and complete various Yoda engineering challenges. 

Throughout the week, campers will dunk intergalactic basketballs into mini hoops, play BB8 battleship, and joust in the balloon popping droid arena. Each challenge presents the campers with hands-on building and engineering lessons to help make their bots jump up ramps, roll through tunnels, and bounce over barriers. BB8 Adventures offers a friendly and collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and positivity – all while introducing campers to become active participants with today’s most applicable, exciting, and new technology.

Program Details:

For students in grades 1-2

Dates and Times:
July 20-24th at 9AM-3PM (Monday-Friday, 5 days) – Register Now!

String Theory School – Open on Google Maps
1600 Vine St #8th, Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States

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