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StemQuest: Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion

StemQuest: Empire vs. Rebellion brings the galaxy from far far away, to much much closer to camp. Using custom built podracers, foam ball blasters, and rolling droid drones, campers will split into two separate groups and participate either as a member of the controlling Empire or of the elite Rebellion strike force. Teams work together in hands-on building activities to prepare for the multiple battles that occur throughout the week – all in a friendly competitive environment. Build your own TIE Fighters, Starships, and more. Create and design self-made defenses to protect home base from the opposition.

The ultimate daily and weekly goal is for campers to use both their minds and their hands to eliminate the opposing team’s holdout positions through strategy and collaborative planning. At last, it is time to bring justice to the galaxy. May the StemQuest force be with you!

Program Details:

For students in grades 3-6

Dates and Times:
August 3-7th at 9AM-3PM (Monday-Friday, 5 days) – Register Now!

String Theory School – Open on Google Maps
1600 Vine St #8th, Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States

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