Virtual Learning for
Technology Education


In light of Covid-19, Education and Educators have been adapting to the current health situation with the help of Technology.

We have been supporting teachers worldwide to continue bringing and delivering essential 21st Century Digital Skills to their students. To do this we are providing resources and support including virtual teaching guidance, free content access and webinars.

We have drawn on our experience from the last 6 years of enabling teachers to deliver digital skills learning virtually and in person to put together and share these resources.

Virtual Learning Resources for Educators

CodePacks 101
Teaching Material: Course Guide

CodePacks are short pilot tech courses that introduce digital skills with minimal teaching through guided projects that you and your students can try. We’re offering free virtual coding course guides for it! Fill in the form and we’ll send it over to you.

Virtual STEAM Curriculum
Teaching Materials and Delivery: Ready-to-use Curriculum

Integrate real-world, project based technology curriculum into all your subject areas so that your students, no matter their interest, can develop the skills required for the future. Let us know which curriculum works for you and we’ll help you bring it online.

Teaching and Learning Materials: Byte-sized Guided Coding Projects with Live Support

CodeBytes is a subscription that teaches your students to code through our learning platform BSD Online. There are over 30 fun, guided projects that your students can complete on their own with our Personal Tech Coaches or with you.


Join us for casual yet informative webinars as we share how we’re working hand-in-hand with schools to integrate virtual technology education into existing lessons and across all subjects.

Get inspired as we also share some stories from schools we work with around the world, such as how they overcome challenges and successfully started and implemented digital skills into their curriculum.

Free Downloadable Infographic

As we’ve been running virtual classes with schools around the world in the past few months, we wanted to compile helpful tips that could support and guide you in case you decide to run them for your students.


What Teachers and Parents Are Saying

"BSD Online is a great platform for virtual teaching and learning with excellent content! We have used it for a few years now and find it very useful as it provides great support for our students.

The self-paced learning means that are more advanced students are able to learn advanced concepts using the varied projects available and others are able to learn at a pace that suits them. I know I can depend on the support that is provided by BSD, they are very quick in answering queries and solving problems.

Over the last few years they have made a number of enhancements to the platform, some of which are a result of feedback from teachers using it. I do like to work with a company that is so attuned to the users’ needs!"
Head of ICT and Computer Science at an International School in Hong Kong
“We have tried quite a few online classes since last year and BSD is definitely the best. Their teaching style is very engaging, the teachers are responsive and attentive to each student. My son really benefits from their interactive dynamic teaching approach. The teachers are very patient and they always explain everything in depth so it is very easy for kids to understand.”
Pei Pei Chum
Patrick’s Mother
"Chelsea, a third-grader has been taking virtual classes with instructor Karan twice a week for more than a month now. Learning from basic Microsoft office skills, to building websites, Chelsea has excelled. Thank you for inspiring!"
Jacinth Seto
Chelsea's Mother
“With the challenge of having to stay home and finding something fun to do indoors, I am glad my kids enjoy learning coding and creating with Innovation Academy. They really look forward to their online classes as they still get expert help, learn a new skill and create something new!”
Janice Lao
Isaac and Esther’s Mother
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