Connect2Work – Graduation of the first cohort

BSD is happy to announce the graduation of our first IBCP (Career-related Studies) connect2work cohort. We would like to wish them every success in their careers! 

As stated in an article from the World Economic Forum, We asked young people about work and skills. Here’s what they told us, which polled 11,000 young people around the world, and where young people identified that building resilience and adaptability, relevance and transferability of their school learning, as well as opportunities to hone soft skills like active listening, are enablers of success. So, using Digital Skills to lead thematic learning, BSD developed the Connect2Work program, using digital skills to lead thematic learning,  with students aged sixteen and above in mind to enable students to prepare for the future of work by balancing learning in practical skills, valuable soft skills, as well as instilling a strong entrepreneurial spirit in students through our CARE model (Curious, Adaptable, Resilient, and Empathetic). 

We set out on a mission to create a Digital Skills program to create a learning environment for students to explore and discover areas of interest and develop impactful career-ready skills. The program was developed over three years, and we continue actively collaborating with schools, industry professionals, and experts to bring our students the most relevant and compelling learning experiences. 

We identified core skill areas aligned with employers’ needs across industries and job roles. In this two-year program, students develop digital skills that will enable them to be prepared for success in their future careers. Students explore (digital) design, programming, data analysis, organization, and digital marketing topics. Students will apply skills within a range of industry themes and job activities to expand their understanding and opportunities of where their own greatest interests lie related to the world of work. Students can interact with industry professionals, and learning happens outside the typical classroom environment to provide an opportunity for students to practice taking charge and teamwork. 

Some learning highlights include working with a seasoned Supply Chain Management (SCM) professional in the technology manufacturing industry to explore common SCM challenges and how we may potentially solve these through Blockchain technology collaborating with Food and Beverage and Environment experts in designing more efficient collaboration and communication with local farmers and restaurants to effectively sell surplus produces via an app.

As the instructor of our first cohort of students, I am constantly in awe of my students’ entrepreneurial nature and professionalism. With the level of creativity, I witnessed through each project, I remain hopeful and excited about how students will shape their futures.  

about Eva
Eva is the Director of Education at BSD. She previously worked for a womens magazine but decided to blend her passion of Media and Education. She provides engaging opportunities for students to learn through authentic curricular experiences.
Eva found her calling in Education when she left her job at a Canadian women's magazine in 2012 to join the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme to teach English at an agricultural high school in rural Japan. Blending her passion in Media Studies and Education, she later returned to Hong Kong to pursue a Master of Education at the University of Hong Kong followed by a PGCE with the University of Sunderland.

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