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This workbook includes a systematic way to assess AI tools for safe and responsible use in education and eight AI tool categories to explore in the classroom.

Your students will learn fundamental concepts for solving problems with a human-centric and creative approach – future-ready skills for school, life, and career.

Use the free workbook’s nine Computational Thinking activities so your students have the skills to solve problems from the ground up.

Assess your technology

The Digital Skills Learning assessment will help to discover strengths and opportunities for your school.

This guide empowers teachers are comfortable teaching digital skills and equip students with future-ready skills in any future career.

Classroom resources

The activities and lessons in this guide can be used to supplement any BSD course. Educators can use them as an ice-breaker, warm-up activity, team-building activity or can be used at any point to supplement what students are learning. The activities are designed to be used in virtual teaching environments or with students in your classroom and take anywhere from 15-60 minutes, depending on what you have time for.

You can pick and choose any of the activities in any order, just make sure that you read the instructions carefully to be prepared for leading the activity with students. 

Equip students with future-ready skills in any future career.

Whether a beginner wanting to learn the fundamentals or an educator wanting a tool to use with students, integrating tech education into your curriculum just got easier.