Want to Provide More Technology Education Opportunities to your students? Try BSD Academy

BSD’s focus is on five core technology disciplines: Web3, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game Development, Web Development, and Entrepreneurship. Our curriculum is uniquely tailored to instill practical skills and deep understanding of these trending technologies and disciplines.

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BSD Academy Provides After-school Programming for Schools, Tuition Centers, Homeschooling and more

We know how vital it is to prepare students for the ever-evolving world of technology. That’s why we’re thrilled to share our online course marketplace, BSD Academy, designed to equip young learners with technology courses that sets them up for success in their future careers.

Why Choose Our Technology Courses?

  • Future-Proof Skills
  • Expert Instructors
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Safe and Engaging Learning Environment
  • Career Readiness

Our certified instructors can deliver in person or virtually

Imagine being able to meet all your students’ future and career readiness needs and not needing to worry about the resourcing, budget and even the schedule. 

Time is the currency of learning and is dominated by the core assessed subjects. Working with BSD, our partners set up elective programs, after-school and holiday experiences so, amongst everything else going on, they can still rest assured they are empowering their students with a future and career-ready skill set.

School Holidays

After School Programs

In-School Classes

Experience Weeks

Future Readiness

Teach Students Future-Ready Technology Skills


school focused

Career Building

skill Building

Profit Share



in scheduling

Tech Entrepreneurship

Tech Entreprenuership

How Does BSD Academy Work?

Our complete focus on working with schools has enabled us to form long-term partnerships around the world in this way and empower institutions to reinvest in the future readiness of their students. Here’s how we can help your school.

  • Weekly, week-long or multi year courses
  • Learning that fits any timezone
  • Low teacher – student ratio
  • 1:1 tuition available
  • BSD Certificates awarded on completion
  • University and independent certifications available
  • IBCP and IB CAS week specialised programs.

Trusted, Certified & Aligned

BSD trained and
CPD Certified Instructors

Digital Promise
Certified Curriculum

Safeguarding certified

checked and cleared

Gain A Partner; Not Just a Product

We focus on providing unrivaled, world-class support that builds technology education teaching capacity at the ground level. Beginning with PD and continuing with one-on-one coaching, our team helps teachers develop their skills and gives them the confidence to create a continually improving learning environment.

BSD Education is a global team with members working across time zones to ensure a timely response wherever you are. Contact us today and we’ll quickly reach out to discuss your needs.

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