Real-life Work Experience for High School Students

Want to get ahead? A high school internship is the best way to gain work experience, develop your professional skills, and fast-track your career!

Our program gives you the opportunity to gain real-world experience in your chosen field by working on key projects for global companies.

It’s never too early to start working towards your future!

Why Should I Join the High School Internship?

It’s a great way to gain hands-on experience in accomplishing real projects and particular roles before you even start university. Our program is where you can gain valuable career experience, and develop professional skill sets to support your future career aspirations. Most prospective students start university without a clear idea of what they want to do, where to intern or how to get experience in the real world. By prioritizing a internship while you’re still in high school, you enter university motivated and with tangible goals to work towards.

Essential Work Skills

Creativity, problem-solving, communications & project management

Future Career Aspirations

Understand your career aspirations and future professional work settings

Professional Network

Begin to develop a professional network for future opportunities

7 Key Career Pathways To Choose From

We’ve discovered seven career groups that are most popular amongst our students.  You can explore a career pathway and gain valuable experience that can be applied to a wide range of fields.

All student interns will complete online preparatory courseswork on real projects for host companies, and deliver a unique final presentation at the end!

Learning more about how businesses are run or starting their own business in the future.

Pursuing education-related jobs like a teacher and early childhood development.

Making a social impact through daily work. An opportunity to work with NGOs or charities.

Learning more about the latest trend in the industry like Fintech, NFT and Web 3, etc.

Interested in UI/UX, coding programming, and enhancing digital skills.

Create successful marketing campaigns and the opportunity to show their creativity.

Non-clinical opportunity in the pharmacy, psychology, mental,  technology fields.

Gain knowledge of the legal workings and proceedings of public, private and voluntary organisations.

What's Included


Business Writing | 2hrs

Learn tips and tricks to write better. From better emails to more substantial reports, the course will provide the techniques and tools to make the writing process more manageable and writing skills stronger.


marketing | 4hrs

Introduction and learning of CANVA, students will develop comprehensive skills and knowledge to create different kinds of marketing materials like posters, EDM, social media, and videos.


Information Tech | 3hrs

Introducing the necessary and basic computer software used in business and digital skills software. UI/UX and the introduction of the website will also be covered in this session.


Portfolio Building | 1hr

Learn different meeting applications and steps of online meeting setup. Corporate with the introduction of LinkedIn and guidance in writing a resume will be also covered.

How does the Program Work?

Just 4 STEPS to get started in the program and step into the real business world with a Guaranteed Internship on completion of online courses.


Join now, choose a career group and discover virtual internship experience opportunities


Complete the 10 hours of online preparatory learning courses before June


Match with companies around the world based on the career group you have selected


Start your internship based on your preferred timeline supported by the YFS team

Interested in Being a Sponsor?

You are welcome to sponsor as many students as you want to gain internship opportunities. Your support will definitely help the next generation to shine and grow!


Want your students to experience real-life work? We are preparing the next cohort of high school internships. You can sponsor your students now for participation in this program.


Excited to connect and nurture young people? You can sponsor a certain number of your students to contribute their creativity and effort at your company. We can customize the internship program base on your needs.

BSD Testimonials

BSD Testimonials