How to Debug Inline Errors

Debugging is the process of identifying the error or bug in a program. This is a vital tool to use that can save time in finding and correcting a bug or error in the program to make it run in the way it is desired.

To debug errors on BSD Online we can make use of the button that displays the errors in the code. Here’s a guide on where to find this tool and how to use it.

Step 1: 

Click on the icon that looks like a bug to display code errors.

Step 2: 

When an error is found a red X mark is found next to the line where the error occurs. When you hover over the red X mark you will see what error has been made.

“Display Code Errors” button can be toggled on and off as when you want to utilize its function.

So every time you want to ensure or check that your code is error-free, please feel free to make use of the “Display Code Errors” tool.

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