Level up internet safety in your classroom

With so many pitfalls around each corner online, Internet safety is critical as students navigate their digital world. At BSD Education, we want students to be able to identify these common issues and stay safe while online. We encourage teachers of any subject to download our free “Internet Safety Heroes” posters and worksheets so you can teach these valuable lessons.

What's Included

Internet Safety Posters

Let BSD’s “Internet Safety Heroes” help you keep your students safe from digital illiteracy and teach them how to spot and prevent the hidden dangers of the Internet with our four downloadable posters.

Themes to Discuss

1. Think Before You Post
2. Be Careful What You Download
3. Choose Strong Passwords
4. Beware of Strangers

Classroom Worksheets

Help your students identify common issues while using the Internet through multiple-choice worksheets that connect to each theme.

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