Our Students Answer “What is Love?”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We have found that  it’s a great day to remind our students and ourselves about the value of recognizing the people around you that make life a better place, and sharing “love” and messages of appreciation.

But how do you share “love”? As a fun Valentines Day read, we wanted to show you responses we’ve received when we asked our students what love was:

“Love is sharing my last piece of candy for my sister”

Nicole, 9

“Love is being able to trust someone, more than you trust yourself”

Leo, 12

“Love is going to the carnival with Mommy and Daddy”

Ella, 6

“If I were going to say it like in the books, love is going to the ends of the earth for the person you love”

Ellie, 11

“Love is kissing and hugging a lot”

Olivia, 7

“Love is feeling happy and light”

Claire, 8

“Love is when everyone gets the same respect and trust”

Eric, 13

“Love, is peace and honor!”

Jason, 8

“Love is JT’s class” (referring to BSD’s Innovation Academy)

James, 10

“Love is anything that makes you laugh”

Shaurya, 11

What do you think of their answers? Aren’t they great! What do you think your students will answer if you asked them the same? We’d love to hear it! Tag us at #BSDLove2019 and get a chance to be featured in our upcoming newsletters.

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