Coding &
Digital Skills

to your Classroom
BSD Education provides content, software, training and support that enables any educator to teach students coding and digital skills.

Build Something Different

with us

BSD creates sustainable digital skills learning communities with a world-class curriculum, intuitive learning platform, and unrivaled instructional support.

Professional Development

Dedicated & Continuous Support

Our professional development allows teachers to learn all of the digitals skills they need to be a successful 21st century educator and prepare their students to be future-ready.

Learning Library

Up-to-Date, Versatile, & Fully Resourced

Our Education team keeps the learning library fresh and relevant in a fast-evolving landscape. BSD’s projects fit tech classes, core-subjects, and enrichment programs.

Online Platform

An Engaging Experience

Our world-class pedagogical platform allows teachers to teach digital skills to their students with real time feedback, built in answer guides for teachers and human-based real time chat support.

Rooted in Coding

Teach website design, product development, data analytics, game development, user experience, digital marketing, and other digital skills rooted in coding.

Our Education Partners

Awarded Research-Based Design Product Certification from Digital Promise


Community Insights


How To Find Balance in a Tech-Driven Future

For the past 20 years or more, education has been hurtling forward on a technology-driven superhighway aimed at equipping students and classrooms with the latest ed-tech gadgets and services.

COVID-19 has metaphorically put us all in self-driving cars traveling at the speed of light on this superhighway and the road has been a bit bumpy for many of us. Advancements in online learning have helped us manage the chaos and keep learning going, but at what cost?

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BSD Education (Build Something Different) partners with schools to bring technology education into K-12 classrooms through our programs of learning, online learning platform and professional development training.

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