21st Century Tools for the Classroom: Quizzes & Videos

Formative assessment is an essential part of the learning process, allowing teachers to assess students’ understanding of concepts. Here are a few of our favorite tools to help make assessments fun for students and easy for teachers:


Quizizz is simple to use, with customizable options and an intuitive interface. One of its unique features is how it includes memes and player points/leaderboards in between questions. These options add a layer of fun to the experience. As a result, Quizizz is simple and easy to use, perfect for creating fast, fun, engaging formative assessments. Students take quizzes individually, but teachers can monitor student progress in real-time and download performance reports afterward.

Kahoot is less streamlined than Quizizz but offers a wider variety of content. Including game types like Jumble, where students order items instead of selecting a multiple choice answer. In addition, Kahoot has “blind kahoots,” or quizzes designed to teach a concept rather than just test knowledge. Finally, Kahoot allows you to save performance data for each examination, just like Quizizz.

The main differentiating feature is that quizzes are taken as a whole class, with students engaging with one question at a time as a group. Its comprehensive variety of content and focus on group engagement makes Kahoot perfect for stimulating class discussion and encouraging students to engage with each other to answer questions.

Recommended for extensive reviews or when other game modes are better suited to the subject matter. While using Quizizz to reinforces learning in small chunks that allow students to move individually at their own pace.

Both programs easily save performance data and provide opportunities for things like keeping a class-wide term scoreboard, tracking individual improvement, or highlighting areas that need work.

Video Lessons:

Edpuzzle is a platform that allows teachers to take videos and turn them into fully realized lessons. The biggest thing we love about EDpuzzle is it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Teachers can search popular platforms like YouTube or browse collections of videos by subject and grade level. Then, teachers can cut the video, add voice-overs or insert in-video quiz questions.

Students can use these lessons to break up lectures, review, or teach complex concepts in the classroom. It also allows teachers to take full advantage of the visual power of videos in their lessons. Ideal for formative assessments, the questions can be added throughout the class.

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