Bring Digital Skills into Your Classrooms All Year Round

The Hour of Code is a great way to introduce coding and digital skills to your students. As they learn what they can create and build, they will likely want to do more. With this in mind, providing opportunities to acquire digital skills throughout the school year will help them.

So, how can you incorporate digital skills and coding into the classroom more regularly?

Here are three ideas that can be used in your classroom immediately:  

1. Encourage your students to “go digital” to complete their schoolwork and projects. They might create a website or a video presentation using Flipgrid instead of a poster. With digital tools, students can develop skills while also preparing for future jobs.

2. Encourage students to consider how technology relates to many subjects. Students must understand how technology is used to solve real-world problems. Prompt their thinking with questions. Doing biology? Ask about medical technologies. Art classes? Explore digital artists. That said, students should begin applying digital abilities to real-world situations as soon as possible.

3. Set up specific time for digital activities in your classroom. This could be weekly or monthly but make the time!

a.) You could use the slot for a combination of mini on-screen and unplugged activities throughout the semester.

b.) You could set your students a challenge that they can work on across the semester as a passion project.

Whatever format you choose, give students the opportunity to be creative and explore the many ways technology can be used by introducing them to a range of different resources.

At BSD we advocate for the use of real world technology projects in every classroom throughout the school year. We believe that regular exposure to technology in a range of different contexts is the best way to prepare students for using technology in their futures and to understand how to apply it in connection with their interests.

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