Each year, BSD Education partners with teachers around the world to bring technology programs into their classrooms. As we look back on all of the success stories from this year, we take a moment to recognize some of the hard-working teachers who are making a real impact in the lives of their students.

CARE Award nominees represent a diverse group of teachers with different backgrounds and experiences. Each exemplifies one or more of BSD’s four foundational characteristics: curious, adaptable, resilient, and empathetic.

CARE Award 2020 Winners

Always seeking to learn

Technology education is constantly evolving and curious teachers are inspired by the new opportunities that are presented with each day. Teachers who are curious challenge their students to think about what’s coming next and to understand how technology intersects with their passion. When designing projects, curious teachers will encourage students to combine various technologies and resources together to create a well-rounded, diverse skill set.

Kara Stucky
International Community School, Singapore

Kara spends most of her time going above and beyond the prescribed curriculum. She tries out as much as she can to find the best learning experiences for her students, and makes her own unique materials. Even though she came from a non-tech background, she learned all about tech and digital skills so she can teach them to her students to further prepare them for the future.

Never afraid to try something new

Trying something new in the classroom can be scary but for teachers who are adaptable, the risk is always worth the reward for their students! As the face of education changes, the students who will benefit most are supported by adaptable teachers who take risks and reimagine their curriculum to match the ever changing environment. These teachers are the pioneers who will play an influential role in defining the future of education.

Suzanne Harris
String Theory Schools, Pennsylvania

When Suzanne approaches projects for her middle school math class, she looks at the big picture. This academic year, her students are contextualizing their learning to run a food truck business by coding websites and a basic point of sale system.
Willing to start again and learn from challenges

Being a great teacher has very little to do with knowing all the answers. In fact, failure is often part of the plan. What’s most important to students is how their teacher reacts when things don’t go as planned. By practicing resilience during times of adversity, these teachers are modeling behavior that will serve students in any future endeavour.

Anup Somalwar
Cornerstone Christian Academy, Pennsylvania

Technology integration specialist, Anup, is all about growing his personal technical knowledge and passing those lessons on to his students. This year, each science fair team at this school used an HTML template designed by Anup to publish their findings online!
Thoughtful about how their actions impact the world

Now more than ever, teachers are asked to navigate a wide spectrum of abilities and considerations. The most empathetic teachers understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to education. Teachers who are empathetic design lessons that empower their students to find their own solutions and connect learning objectives with their passions.

Kathy Smith
McCall Elementary and Middle School, Pennsylvania

Students come first in Kathy's middle school technology programs. She's always looking for ways to connect with their needs, whether by hosting a code-a-thon event, volunteering to lead after school enrichment programs, or mentoring McCall's team to first place at the Philly Tech Expo.
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