Personalized Learning and Coding in the Classroom

Personalized learning is a topic of ever-increasing importance in today’s educational environment, and code fits perfectly within its ideals.

Personalized learning is about tailoring the experience to the needs of students, allowing them to focus on things that interest them and use styles that best suit their needs. Code offers a unique opportunity to allow for structured and yet personalized learning. Ultimately, the way you learn to code is by completing projects.

Project based lessons

Students can practice application-related project scenarios as many times as they choose. Moreover, in programming, there is rarely only one way to solve a problem. With no definitive answers, students can use their imaginations via personalized learning to figure out how to get the desired result.

Even if a class of students is working on the same topic, each student can focus on tackling the difficulties in a learning method that best meets their interests. More advanced students can try more complicated solutions, while other students can focus on building the basics. Both are developing a better understanding of how fundamental elements work and interact.

Using coding in class

In an HTML and CSS lesson using personalized learning, students would design a poster with a solid backdrop, text blocks, and a photo. More advanced students might instead add changing background colors, embed videos, or make poster elements interactive. A personal touch can be added by having each participant create a poster on something they enjoy learning about. A lot of projects allow for a lot of customization.

Enabling students to pursue interests while working towards a common objective is at the heart of individualized learning. Personalized learning allows students to develop their creative thinking skills while creating tangible items they can be proud of. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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