Chris Geary

Social Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder

Chris is an education entrepreneur, investor & non-profit leader focused on developing and scaling initiatives and technologies that lower barriers and reduce inequalities in accessing the opportunities of the Future of Work. He founded BSD Education in 2013, an educational software and solution provider that enables teachers in schools to teach students digital and career skills. BSD has grown to work with over 150,000 students and teachers in 24 countries around the world. 

Chris is an MIT/Jacobs Foundation LEAP Social Entrepreneurship Fellow, the founder of Fargo Foundation and Refugeek, a non-profit social enterprise focused on creative and technology education for at-risk and displaced communities, and is a Director of the Young Founders School, an educational non-profit for youth entrepreneurship education. From 2015-2021 Chris was a School Councilor of Discovery College in Hong Kong and a member of the English Schools Foundation Council of Chairmen and currently serves as Chairman of the Kennedy School.


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Young Founders School

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Implementing and Teaching Redefined Core Literacies and New Models of Assessment|Mr Chris Geary

With over 20 local and international speakers, the forum featured 18 webinars covering topics such as future education, EdTech solutions, and more. Participants can look forward to engaging with thought leaders and experts in the field, gaining valuable insights into the evolving landscape of education and the innovative solutions shaping tomorrow’s learning.

Beyond Innovation #17: BSD Education's Christopher Geary and Snapask's Timothy Yu

Christopher Geary of BSD Education and Timothy Yu of Snapask are using big data analytics to shape the EdTech space. They discuss with Anthony Lacavera how their solutions integrate teaching and tutoring with technology.

How to find a local partner

Hong Kong is an entrepreneurial heartland and with so many business opportunities here, a partnership may be what you need to sort through and act on these possibilities. Learn how you can find the right partner. Speakers: Chris Geary Founder BSD Academy

Mr Nickey Khemchandani and Mr Christopher Geary, BSD Code and Design Academy

How digital marketing is essential to increasing the awareness and legitimacy of non-profit organisations Leadership traits necessary in today’s technologically connected world.