Digital skills: Modern industries and the workplace

In this course, students will understand and begin to practice the identified core skill areas of the program: Design, Programming, Data, and Digital Marketing across different industries, such as finance, education, and hospitality. The course celebrates entrepreneurship, and focuses on how to succeed in their (future) workplace and in the identified core skill areas through learning tools and techniques, and developing best practices in a digital work environment.
Explore the role of digital design, data, programming, and marketing across different industries.
Learn the fundamental core digital skill areas in the future of work across different industries.
Create digital artifacts (presentations and infographics) by using common, industry-standard digital tools to articulate their understanding of digital best practices in the workplace.

Digital Design: Fundamentals in UI and UX

In this course, students will dive into the world of functional design by having a deeper understanding of how design decisions are made. They will study User Experience (UX) through various user perspectives and use industry standard tools.
Explore how basic design principles inform user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.
Learn to implement Design Thinking, evaluate the UX of digital applications, plan the UX of digital products (app and websites) and prepare evidence to support design decisions.
Create wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes by using industry-standard design tools.

Programming: Build an e-commerce website

In this course, students will gain confidence in CSS and JavaScript fundamentals. They will apply their learning to ultimately create a prototype of an e-commerce website using the BSD Database on BSD Online.
Explore the best practices of web development in the context of an e-commerce website.
Learn how to utilize CSS and JavaScript to manipulate the front-end and back-end, as well as databases of a website.
Create a front-end and back-end prototype of an e-commerce website.

Data: Actionable insight

In this course, students will learn how to work with data and how data is utilized in businesses. Students will also learn the implications of working with big data sets and analyze data to produce insight.
Explore the power of data and how different industries utilize data to inform their business decisions.
Learn how to collect and organize raw data to produce informative data visualization and insight.
Create a comprehensive data report including visualizations to provide actionable insights for a business.

Digital marketing: How to get the right exposure for your business

In this course, students will explore the key principles and strategies in digital marketing. Students will learn the process, tools and components to launching a digital marketing campaign.
Explore how social media digital marketing is used across different industries.
Learn how social media, design, and data come together to inform an effective digital marketing campaign.
Create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign plan for a given client brief.

Entrepreneurship: From an idea to action

(Ready for third-party use September 2022)
This course is designed to summarize the learning from the previous courses to see how skills in design, data, marketing, programming and leadership can come together to realize their entrepreneurial ideas. 
Explore entrepreneurial concepts and strategies in taking an idea and transforming it into a business plan.
Learn how to build a business plan and proposal by implementing skills and learning from the previous courses.
Create a digital prototype, a design proposal, a data report and a digital marketing campaign to rationalize, communicate and promote a new product or service of their own creation.