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How to Integrate Coding into Core Curriculum

No matter where you teach or which grade level you teach, you hear the words computational thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking to name just a few. These are key skills that coding teaches students. Of course all subject area teachers K-12 want their students to have these skills because they are essential for any job/career they may go into. However, teaching these skills can be challenging.

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Tap Into the Power of Play

Tap Into the Power of PlayChildren are naturally inclined to be curious, imaginative, and engage in playful discovery during their day at school. So why not use this as a tool in the classroom? This course will outline how educators can use the power of play to effectively teach students critical digital skills. Join us for this hands-on experience to learn how play can help your students be engaged and become better learners.

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My Digital Citizenship Journey

My journey with digital citizenship started in 2013. So much has changed since then. Topics, issues, discussions, apps, sites, resources – anything connected to technology changes like {snap} that! How can you stay ahead of

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Best Practices In Teaching Students To Code

Coding…Programming…Syntax What do you think of when I mention those words? Some teachers say: “I have no experience, I could never teach coding/programming!” “I teach science, not coding.” “How can I teach something I know

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Exploring The Future of EdTech in 2022

EdTech and Education: From 2021 to 2022. In 2021, education globally has been partially closed, part open, and in most places reeling and trying to reconcile 2020. Learning Acceleration I was pleased to see that

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