The Benefits of Introducing Children to Technology Early

As a millennial, my early experiences with technology were between the “analog” experience and the burgeoning technological revolution that we’re experiencing now.

I grew up at a time where you had only had access to the internet if someone wasn’t speaking on the phone (dial-up, anyone?), texting being more complicated than picking up a phone, and watching as social media went from online chat rooms to a legitimate channel for marketing.

It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook was just for college students, and now it’s a tech behemoth that every business needs to utilize.

But kids of today? Technology is eve威而鋼 rywhere, and they interact with technology more frequently at younger ages than any other generation in history.

They’ll never know a world without free WiFi, smartphones, and the power of Google in their pockets. All this before they’ve even reached school.

What are the benefits of being exposed to so many experiences with technology at such a young age? Many! Today, we’re sharing six gifts that we’ve seen in the students we work with every day.

They become more independent

Children today have infinite knowledge at their fingertips, always. Access to technology has dramatically impacted their education and their ability to learn. This is because the accessibility to that information has massively increased. These experiences with technology also means that they can follow up on their curiosity during lessons by exploring topics more in-depth independently.

Building community & social engagement

There’s no doubt that children need social interaction to develop and grow. But, in our modern age, this is no longer limited to physical bonding. Now children also need experiences with technology to virtually bond. This might be through participating in online discussions or finding friends that live across the world. These experiences lead to children feeling more connected than ever with technology.

Many summer camps and after-school programs encourage physical-virtual bonding in childhood with technology courses to teach kids new digital skills and offer them opportunities to engage with others while building more tech skills.

Digital literacy translates to more economic power

We’re experiencing a swelling gap between those with digital skills and those struggling to adapt to technological changes in our economy. Those who “upskilled,” innovated in their industries, and tried new things have learned how to adapt in turbulent times.

Children introduced to technology and digital skills learning at a younger age are more equipped for work soon.

Being more technically literate has prepared me to be adaptable, resilient, and curious about the world and career I’m in. There is no exception for children today, and the benefits of introducing children to more experiences with technology are countless.

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Beth is the Senior Marketing Manager at BSD Education.
She is focused primarily on full-stack marketing strategy, data analytics, and email marketing at BSD. Beth has over eight years of experience working with several industries globally, and operates a full-stack marketing consultancy based in Bath.

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