Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Tech


At BSD Education, we engage teachers in conversations about technology everyday and it is a topic that stirs the room with mixed emotions and reactions: “I don’t have time to bring tech in the classroom”, “I am really not great with computers” or “Technology distracts my students”, making technology the antagonist of their classrooms.

We want you to know that in your classrooms, full of digital native students, your role as the teacher has never been more important. Technology and technology learning is inevitable for our students. This might include learning how to use Google Drive effectively, or learning the fundamentals of coding and programming to create a website or a game. But, do the students understand how to apply these tools and skills in the real world? This is where teachers shine and excel as experts to curate and design a curriculum that helps students connect the dots between their digital world and the real world.

For example, in a Year 2 classroom at a school in Hong Kong, we collaborated with the lead teacher to create an inquiry project for their History and Inventors unit. Students learned how to build a website and harnessed the power of the web to document and share their learning through embedded videos and images responsibly and safely.

In this collaboration, BSD Education experts took care of the tech learning by providing a customised guided project and the teacher infused the project with their curated subject knowledge. In the classroom, the teacher remains the facilitator and expert of content, context and encouragement to students in their inquiry journey.

Instead of seeing technology as the antagonist of the classroom, it can become the trusted sidekick that complements your subject expertise in designing a powerful learning experience for your students.

about BSD
BSD Education is a global edtech startup focused on designing, developing, and delivering programs of learning for digital skills.
Our work empowers educators to use technology in the classroom by providing an online learning environment, customized curriculum, and professional development. The curricula we create can be implemented immediately with no prior experience and are mapped to US, IB, and British academic standards.
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