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Enhancing Curriculum With Technology

Having tried multiple education technology platforms previously, the teachers at Elementary Institute of Science were excited to try BSD Education's real-world approach to EdTech as it was a departure from block-based or piece-style coding. They didn't have the experience of text-based coding to rely on but were ready for the challenge. Elementary Institute of Science didn't have a strong coding program in place but understood that the need for digital skills learning meant that their students needed to be future-ready. Enter BSD.

Our Solution

Even though many of the technology teachers came from different backgrounds, like Meteorology and Anthropology, they quickly found that coding experience was not necessarily with BSD’s platform. This not only helped teachers acclimate quickly but also boded well for students from low-income households with little knowledge of digital skills. Working with BSD helped them develop those skillsets and do multiple projects that built upon their personal understanding of the content.

The Results

BSD Education has given Elementary Institute of Science an opportunity to give the students more exposure and a little bit more structure in terms of ‘how do they use a keyboard and a mouse’, ‘how to use left, click and right click on a mouse’, or teaching the kids how to find the punctuation keys on a keyboard, typing that they’re going to have to do in the long run. Anyway. Most things have moved away from paper and pencil nowadays, the kids still have to learn it, but at the same time, EIS is working with students who, as they get into middle and high school, everything’s gonna be digital now for them. All of that syntax are skills that transfer to their everyday reading and writing as well. The students are realizing there’s a specific way things are done and BSD Education gives them a lot more practice and confidence that they are not getting otherwise.

Student Projects