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Providing cross-curricular digital skills

String Theory School wanted to provide a more stimulating technology curriculum for their students that would challenge them to be innovative in their learning. The very idea of coding was challenging however because many students (and teachers!) didn't have prior experience coding. For most, this was their first foray into the world of coding and education technology. As technology and computers are only becoming more important to the economy, String Theory Schools recognized the need to encourage their students in developing their digital skills learning.

Our Solution

Working with BSD Education gave the teachers and students at String Theory a sturdy platform to learn to code. The projects started off gradually, with guided steps along the way, by providing foundational lessons on what coding was, understanding the different coding languages, and giving assignments that built upon students’ progress and comprehension. In the beginning, the students are following the lessons closely but as they gained confidence, they started putting their own personalities and interests into the projects. They would design their own website without any guidance or input.

The Results

Of the many benefits from using BSD Education, the biggest that String Theory teachers shared with us was seeing the resiliency of the students. A lot of their students lacked resilience and would often get frustrated when something would be difficult after the first try, but BSD offered an opportunity to practice and hone their skills in coding – increasing their confidence and agency project by project. Some teachers have seen their students go beyond the class project and do research after school to make their websites more optimized. The programs also gave more advanced students a real-world opportunity to explore their interest in technology. Now they know there is no limitation on what they can code.

Student Projects