Future-ready Courses All Over The World

Developing Coding and Digital Skills with BSD

Delivering coding and digital skills to students can be challenging for schools, teachers, or parents wanting to provide future-ready skills. No matter what their experience level is, BSD Education has made it possible to deliver critical coding and digital skills to students throughout the world by offering virtual courses taught by experienced educators.

Our Solution

Students are able to choose a variety of courses to help them build their digital skills, including creating their own multi-page website, developing their first video game, diving into AI and app development, or even learning to become a tech entrepreneur. With BSD, students are able to personalize their projects and bring their ideas to life. “BSD was instrumental in giving my son Hugo his first peek of how technology works through his very first coding class,” said Quentin, father of BSD virtual courses student Hugo. “This helped him a lot to be more confident in terms of using technology, navigating different platforms, especially now that he is doing online learning at his school.”

The Results

BSD’s virtual coding courses have provided more than just digital skills to students around the world. In fact, students walk away with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied to whatever they do later in life. “Jaydan has been taking coding classes (both in-person and online) at BSD for 3 years now,” said Eric, father of BSD virtual courses student Jaydan. “It is clearly one of his favorite extracurricular activities. In addition to different programming languages, Jayden has enhanced his problem-solving skills and become a critical thinker.”

Student Projects