Real-world Coding Skills and a 1st Place Win 

College & Career Readiness

The McCall School represents a common public school situation -- they have one technology teacher to serve a diverse student population from grades 3 to 8. Their teacher had no prior coding experience, but they wanted a program that could progress seamlessly from elementary to middle school, giving students real-world coding and digital skills. 

Our Solution

With BSD Online, no coding experience is no problem. Their tech teacher was able to use the built-in features on BSD Online to help her teach code in the classroom. With this support, she felt empowered to host a code-a-thon with her students where they created projects on topics of interest. The winner was a 7th grade girl who used the BSD platform to make an inspiring digital poster on climate change and pollution

The Results

After the success with the code-a-thon, the teacher brought together a group of students who created a project and submitted it to the city tech expo. The students came in first place for middle school coding, after having only worked with coding through BSD Online for less than a year. With the power of coding, the teacher was able to inspire and enable her students to build real-world skills that can open a world of opportunity! 14,000+ hours spent on the platform since 2018 468 students total

Student Projects