Partnering to build future-proof skills

Equipping students with 21st century skills the easy way
The San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA) recognized a need for an engaging coding platform that could help teach their students critical digital skills. However, the school wanted a platform that could also be used as a learning management system, making it easy for their teachers to track student progress and ensure they are walking away with skills they need for our digital world.

Our Solution

After trying different platforms, SDJA found BSD Education and have been a partner ever since. Not only has BSD been able to provide their students with an intuitive and engaging platform to learn digital skills, the job of teachers at SDJA has been made easier with BSD’s resources for educators to track student progress and identify obstacles in learning. “I like that I can see, just by glancing quickly at my computer, a snapshot of how everybody in the class is doing in that moment,” said Middle School Robotics Teacher & Assistant Director of Center for Innovation at SDJA. “Then I’m leaving my computer and I’m walking around the room and I’m checking on them. The speed of that feedback is crucial.”

The Results

SDJA has been able to successfully equip students with real coding skills while making it easy for teachers to implement BSD’s research-backed curriculum. “BSD has been easy in the sense that I can get students signed up, logged on, and coding in one class session, which is not always the case in other scenarios,” said Johal. “I don’t have to spend a whole class period about all the parts of BSD and what to click on and what to press. It’s very intuitive to a middle schooler.”

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