What are
The CARE Awards?

Welcome to the CARE Awards! In response to the challenges that COVID-19 brought to educators in 2020, we created these awards to honor teachers who have demonstrated exceptional qualities during these difficult times. We recognize those who have shown curiosity, adaptability, resilience, and empathy in their interactions with their students.

Effective and memorable teachers possess a multitude of qualities. They strive to spread positivity, find joy in teaching, and actively engage with their students. They are reflective, open to change, and always seeking new ideas to enhance their teaching strategies.

But above all, what sets these teachers apart is their unwavering passion for their profession. At the CARE Awards, we celebrate and recognize the outstanding teachers who go above and beyond in their commitment to education.

Award Categories


This teacher or student is always seeking to learn more. With their desire to seek out new challenges, this candidate continues to reach new heights.


No matter what challenges they face, this person is never afraid to try something new. We all face obstacles, but a candidate in this category is malleable unlike anyone else.


A candidate in this category is always willing to start again and learn from challenges. This person not only is willing to try again, but they show a hunger to continue to improve.


A teacher or student thoughtful about how their technology impacts the world. A candidate in this category consistently shows a genuine interest in how their actions impact others.

Meet The 2023 CARE Winners

Learn more about this year’s winners and how they exhibited curiosity, adaptability, resilience and empathy in their classrooms in the 2022/23 school year.

Tobey Eugenio

Our Sisters' School

Tobey Eugenio is a middle school art teacher who, without a technology background, has embraced her curiosity by introducing tools like laser cutters, 3d printers, scratch programming, microbits, LEGO robotics, soldering, VR, paper circuits, sound production, and more in just 2023. Curiosity and artistic innovation is what drives her as an educator.

Sophia Nelson

Elizabeth Haddon Elementary

With a packed schedule that includes teaching library skills, digital skills, and coding, Sophia Nelson is committed to exposing her students to a wide range of educational experiences. Whether it’s incorporating new technologies or tailoring her teaching to meet the needs of her students, Sophia is always ready to go the extra mile for her students.

Rinky Sharma

Sitare Foundation

Rinky Sharma uses innovative teaching methods, technology and encourages students to take ownership of their learning. Despite the many challenges that come with teaching, Rinky’s resilience shines through, and she remains committed to providing the best possible education to her students.

Meghan Baskerville

Ss. Coleman-John Neumann

Meghan Baskerville understands that each student is unique, with their own strengths and challenges, and she is always looking for ways to support and encourage them. Her commitment to her students extends beyond the classroom as well – whether it’s through extracurricular activities or community events.

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