Congratulations to The 2022 Winners!

Curious Award

Luzanne Bodenstein

Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai

Luzanne supported her students to explore different robotics and coding elements to problem solve.  She facilitates content creation through various digital tools allowing students to creatively share their learning and passions.

Adaptability Award

Rayne Clinton

Liguroi Academy

Rayne excelled in his effort to make the move from one culture and adapted immediately to the Liguori method. He is now teaching and supervising our esports team in partnership with The Emerald Foundation. Rayne is constantly adapting to the student needs at Liguori Academy, especially as it relates to the curriculum in technology

Resilience Award

Amy Abella

Haddonfield Elementary School

Amy is a new school librarian who learned about coding alongside her students this year. She loved watching the concepts “click” and seeing their imaginations take off with all they can do with their new skills.

Empathy Award

Betty Anggraeni

Sekolah Cikal Amri

Betty found the pandemic difficult because student engagement was so low. She used BSD Online and other virtual tools to stimulate student’s contribution and online  discussion online,

What is C.A.R.E.?

We created the C.A.R.E. Awards in 2020 as a response to the numerous difficulties COVID19 brought to educators – through these awards we wanted to recognize teachers who have been Curious, Adaptable, Resilient and Empathetic with their students!

There are many qualities to an effective and memorable teacher and among those, they are keen to spread positivity, and they genuinely enjoy teaching and engaging with students.

They are also reflective, open to change and always welcome new ideas.

But with all these great qualities there is one common driving force behind – the passion in what they do.

Award Categories


This teacher or student is always seeking to learn more. With their desire to seek out new challenges, this candidate continues to reach new heights.


No matter what challenges they face, this person is never afraid to try something new. We all face obstacles, but a candidate in this category is malleable unlike anyone else.


A candidate in this category is always willing to start again and learn from challenges. This person not only is willing to try again, but they show a hunger to continue to improve.


A teacher or student thoughtful about how their technology impacts the world. A candidate in this category consistently shows a genuine interest in how their actions impact others.

Past Award Winners

2021 Award Winners

Curious Award

Faizaa Fariya Hridi


Adaptability Award

Tasha Birtha

Chester Charter Scholars Academy
Pennsylvania, U.S.

Resilience Award

Deb Licorish

Haddonfield Middle School
New Jersey, U.S.

Empathy Award

David Ford

Cornerstone Christian Academy
Pennsylvania, US

2020 Award Winners

Curious Award

Kara Stucky

Adaptable Award

Suzanne Harris

Resilience Award

Anup Somalwar

Empathetic Award

Kathy Smith

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