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This hashtag vault is tailored for the education technology industry, especially aimed at teachers and smaller accounts, involves selecting hashtags that are specific enough to reach your target audience without being so popular that your content gets lost in the noise. Here’s a curated list of hashtags that could help increase visibility among teachers and educators interested in edtech:


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  • Want to teach your students 21st century skills? BSD Education can partner with any teach of any subject and experience level to bring coding and digital skills to your classroom.

  • Equip your students with the skills of tomorrow today! BSD Education offers the expertise, platform, and support to help any teacher bring digital skills into the classroom, including building your own website or developing a mobile app. 

  • Three ways BSD Education stands out from the crowd as an educational technology platform!

    1. We’re not a product, we’re a partner. We work with admins, and teachers to help students develop coding skills, such as website design and mobile app development, that prepares them for the future.
    2. BSD supports you every step of the way with professional development, a scaffolded program of learning and ongoing coaching.
    3. BSD’s platform online platform provides an engaging and flexible experience for both teachers and students. 

    Want your school to be all set with digital skills? BSD’s turnkey solution provides everything you need from resources, tools, and unrivaled support for you to bring digital skills learning to your classroom.

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