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Maker Learning is a Mindset, Not a Space

What if students learned maths through the construction of playground equipment? What if they learned history through costume design, and learned science through building models? This requires a mindset shift. It also necessitates high-quality professional development for teachers to feel comfortable and understand the impact of such types of learning.

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What is Design Thinking and Why Is It So Popular

Design Thinking can be used to create and make products, processes, events, organizations, and even food! The process is adaptable to many situations and once you have some practice with it, it can become a culture-changing practice that can be transformative at whole-school levels.

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The Future of Education Shaped By Technology

Driven by technology, we see several opportunities for progress in the future of education in the coming decades. Students and educators worldwide must be provided access to the training, devices, connectivity, and fundamental infrastructure. This

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