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Project Highlight: Mathematics Trivia Game

The Mathematics Trivia Game is a short 8-step project on how to create a trivia game. Using a list of multiple-choice questions, it is designed to test a player’s math knowledge. Students are guided on how to add their own questions, as well as program the correct answers that players need to provide in order to score a point.

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Ways to Use Technology In Your Subjects: History

The right infusion of technology can transform the existing curriculum of any history class into an active learning experience that exposes students to the real-world application of technology in different contexts and scenarios. When properly incorporated into history class, technology can empower learners to understand concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequences, similarity, difference and significance.

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Incorporating Technology into Non-Tech Classes

BSD works with core subject teachers around the world who are tasked with weaving technology into their classroom experience. To help navigate the challenges of tech integration, we’ve outlined 4 tips for creating meaningful technology experiences that will engage students and enhance learning.

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Advantages of Real World Technology Camps: Build a 2D Mini Game Camp

In the current digital era, there is no denying that video games are among the most popular pastimes for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Technology camps are a unique, eye-opening, and engaging way for children to pursue their interests in a collaborative environment and make new friends, learn new skills, and be exposed to a variety of disciplines.

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How Project Based Learning Boosts Personalization

Project Based Learning (PBL) blends content mastery, meaningful work, and personal connection to create powerful learning experiences, in terms of both academic achievement and students’ personal growth. PBL can be transformative for students, especially those who lack access to out of school time educational opportunities such as workplace internships.

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Teaching Primary Students Versus Teenagers

Technology activities should always focus on having three things… These are our underlying principles – and we apply them whether we are working with Year 3 students or Year 3 teachers. However, what are the additional key steps that we take to tailor our activities so we can engage an 8-year-old and an 18-year-old?

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Enrichment Programs: What and Why

Enrichment programs are a great way to encourage students to follow their passions, develop new interests and build new skills. Here are the activities you can offer and inspire your students to try something different.

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Advantages of Real World Technology Camps: App Development

Beyond simply learning how to code, creating a mobile app also encourages children to foster skills in a variety of areas. This includes tech-related skills such as programming, UX (user experience) design, UI (user interface) design, and soft skills such as creativity, resilience, computational thinking, and communication.

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Your Questions About Enrichment Programs: Answered

Technology focused after school enrichment programs are geared towards kids mastering the key skills and competencies of technology like computational thinking, design thinking, problem solving, and communication skills in an engaging, fun and team oriented environment. Absolutely no prior experience needed!

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BSD In the News

Virtual Spring Tech Camps With BSD Education

With a range of virtual tech-related course offerings, BSD Education is here to help the little ones develop an inquisitive mind through technology.

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March 29, 2021

Fourteen-year-old girl takes the lead in organizing Hong Kong’s first global hackathon

A global hackathon aimed at inspiring girls and young people from underrepresented communities to enter the world of artificial intelligence is set to take place in Hong Kong for the first time later this month.

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March 8, 2021

Hong Kong-based BSD Education plans to raise $4m in its ongoing series A round

Hong Kong-based edtech firm BSD Education said it is currently in the process of raising US$4 million from undisclosed investors in its series A financing round.

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March 5, 2021

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