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Technology Exposure and Delivering a Foundation for Sustained Success

Everyone is embarking on a journey of learning that will last a lifetime. The knowledge to be relevant today, in the same area of expertise, will not be relevant in 5 years time not to mention in 25 years time. To be able to pursue a journey for a lifetime, learners need to gain a broad exposure to technology at the outset of their learning journey to make the most informed decision possible and set a sustainable direction.

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Our Favorite Ways to Boost Student Engagement with Tech

Can we boost student engagement with technology initiatives at schools and districts – for example, with increased computer lab time, 1:1 device programs, etc.? Just by introducing tech tools like smart screens, online quizzes and games will only boost engagement for a little while. What we want is to establish sustainable engagement that has a meaningful impact.

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The Evolution of Technology and Education – Full

It is really important that educators allow a range of experiences for learners to find the area of technology that is their strength and their passion, something that they will have a willingness to follow, be curious about and learn resiliently for the rest of their lives as it continually evolves.

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How Schools Are Encouraging Students Be Career-Ready

As educators, we understand that real world application is a key factor for engaging students with any course material. We can also observe that students who are able to demonstrate critical thinking and technical skills through real world outcomes are more likely to succeed when applying to higher education or to an upper entry-level role within the workforce.

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Technology Education Trends That Took Over 2019

At the end of every year, our Education team dedicates time to research new developments and trends in education and technology, to ensure we create cutting edge, sustainable and up-to-date roadmaps for our future curriculum. Here’s a list of trends we found that you should also stay updated on:

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Introducing Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

While science hasn’t quite delivered those sci-fi dreams, the emergence of AI has definitely arrived and left us wondering, “what now?” Artificial Intelligence is a booming field of study with lots of controversy and confusion; especially for educators and schools.

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Inside The Professional Development Journey

When it comes to effectively integrating technology education into all classrooms, we have identified three hurdles that teachers normally face. Our PDs give teachers the skills and confidence they need to adopt, implement and sustain the delivery of Technology Education curriculum seamlessly in their classrooms.

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5 Tips We’ve Picked Up From Leading Virtual PD

Video conferencing enables our instructors to facilitate professional development sessions with teachers from around the world and accommodate busy schedules across multiple time zones. However, virtual training comes with its own unique challenges. Here are some of the best tips that we’ve picked up after hundreds of sessions with thousands of teachers.

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The True Meaning of Digital Citizenship

Your students were probably exposed to a tablet or smartphone at a very early age and have grown up using technology. For the majority of your students, the digital space is their modern-day playground. 

However they make use of technology, all of our students are already digital citizens. But the important question to ask is: are they ‘good’ digital citizens? 

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