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Set Your Students Challenges – You’ll Be Impressed!

Shelly was teaching a unit on the basics of HTML when she found herself in front of a class that had surpassed her knowledge with 45 minutes of class time left. She reflects that ‘the realization that the students knew as much, or more, than I did about that topic made me feel very anxious inside’. So, what did she do?

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Setting Up Your Own Makerspace

Whether your school has already set up its Makerspace and wants to develop it further or is considering setting one up, this article in EdSurge by Parker Thomas a school consultant is a helpful guide.

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Teacher Interview: Shasta Quilala from The Philippines

Since the Summer 2017 started, we have been working with an amazing school that decided to fully integrate technology education into their subjects and classrooms. We spoke to Shasta Quilala, a teacher from Good Samaritan Colleges who felt empowered learning technology education with BSD.

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Why Coding Has a Place in Every Classroom

Industries are changing like never before so this is a challenging question and actually the answer is fairly unknown. But we do know that the world is digitizing and technology skills are becoming increasingly fundamental to the world of work.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Tech

Technology and technology learning is inevitable for our students. This is where teachers shine and excel as experts to curate and design a curriculum that helps students connect the dots between their digital world and the real world.

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Bring Creativity into Coding

Coding has historically been seen in isolation as purely a ‘tech’ skill, focused on logic and reasoning rather than creativity. This is changing as it becomes increasingly clear that technology needs to be part of every solution.

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