Reconnecting Student & Teacher Relationships Through Tech Education

It’s safe to say levels of anxiety are at an all-time high in classrooms worldwide as the COVID-19 pandemic forced students into isolation and now leaves them in classrooms that are anything but ‘normal.’ 

As a result, many students are left with an uneasiness that has a variety of consequences, such as a lack of engagement and difficulty building confidence in their abilities. A recent article in Education Week outlines the importance of the teacher/student relationship and how making this connection is essential for academic success for any student. In it, author Arianna Prothero speaks with Laura Phillips, a neuropsychologist with the Child Mind Institute, about this critical aspect for all educators.

“We know that kids learn best when they feel safe and secure; when they feel anxious and aroused and uncomfortable, learning stops,” said Phillips. “If we want to maximize the school year, we need to help kids start out feeling safe and connected to the people with whom they are interacting.”

Building these relationships doesn’t happen overnight and can be challenging. However, integrating tech education into any curriculum can help overcome obstacles that prevent teachers from making a connection to their students. Here are three ways how tech education can help:

1. Increase Engagement Through Personalized Projects 

Maintaining student engagement can be difficult, but introducing digital skills that allow for customized projects and self expression can pique students’ interest. Using real-world coding provides students the chance to build a personalized adventure game or create their first website, helping students make a connection between their studies and what they value most in their lives. This opens the door for teachers to connect their own experiences and likes/dislikes with the student that lead to opportunities for meaningful connections to be made.

In addition, introducing tech education can provide students with the opportunity to make vital connections to the digital tools they use on a daily basis. Creating a learning environment that applies to the world our students live in makes it easier for them to stay engaged in a meaningful way and helps teachers foster relationships that will help them succeed in the classroom.  

2. Digital Skills Can Help Build Social-Emotional Learning

Tech education can often feel cold and anything but a tool to build social-emotional learning. However, at BSD Education we have designed a tool that goes beyond website and app development rooted in coding, it builds hard, cognitive, and soft skills that teaches students to C.A.R.E – Curious, Adaptable, Resilient, and Empathetic. 

By blending critical social-emotional learning with engaging tech education, building a meaningful relationship between a teacher and student becomes much more attainable. BSD’s VP of Education, Mark Barnett, examines how BSD helps students develop self-esteem, empathy, and skills needed for their futures through carefully crafted lessons.

“We at BSD believe in developing social-emotional capacity as well and feel that social-emotional learning should fit together with any skill development,” said Barnett. “This is why we have designed all of our curriculum around our philosophy of CARE.”

“We at BSD believe in developing social-emotional capacity as well and feel that social-emotional learning should fit together with any skill development,” said Barnett. “This is why we have designed all of our curriculum around our philosophy of CARE.”

Mark Barnett, BSD’s VP of Education

3. Make Connections by Learning Together

Integrating tech education into your curriculum might be a new experience for you and seem daunting, but BSD’s unrivaled support and intuitive platform makes it as turnkey as possible. By using a platform that will be there with you every step of the way will help you learn and grow right alongside your students. Co-learning by teaching digital skills can be a bonding experience between teachers and students that isn’t often presented in the classroom.  

Are you ready to build relationships with your students by introducing digital skills to your classroom? BSD is more than a product, we are a partner in delivering 21st century skills to students worldwide. We encourage you to reach out so we can help you make these vital connections that could change the future for your students.

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Brent is the Marketing Manager at BSD. He works on outreach efforts to help educators discover and utilize what BSD offers.
Brent graduated from the University of Oregon in 2009 with a BA in Journalism. He began as a reporter covering the Florida Legislature and state elections. Brent then moved into a marketing role with the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety where he worked as a graphic designer, technical writer, and social media marketer for nearly ten years.

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