Future-Ready Students

College & Career Readiness

When the BSD Education team first met with The Buckley School, they had a fully scoped and sequenced technology curriculum leveraging multiple popular tools and software programs. What Buckley needed, however, was a way to directly connect students' work to their future success.

Our Solution

BSD provided Buckley with a go-to platform where students build their digital skills and a portfolio housing all of their digital projects. With BSD Online, students own and keep access to their work so that when it’s time to apply for college or careers, they can present a cohesive portfolio that showcases their skills and creativity.

The Results

To date, Buckley’s students have spent hundreds of hours developing digital skills like coding with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These coding languages will enable them to prepare for and be competitive in future career markets. 1300+ hours spent on the platform since 2018 225 students total, 5 teachers total 450 sandboxes created.

Student Projects