Technology Program for Ages 16+

Prepare your final year students with real-world digital skills they can use in the workplace,
from digital marketing and data to programming.


This Technology Education program helps prepare students in their last years of high school with career-ready digital skills in various fields, including Design, Data, Programming and Digital Marketing. Students will create solutions using technical skills and concepts to establish a portfolio that demonstrates their understanding and application of concepts in real world contexts.


Our TechFuture curriculum includes Units of up to 60 hours across 2 years (30 hours / year). Each unit is 12 hours, with Foundation and Optional Units as 6 hours.


 More than 60 hours of curriculum in real-world Digital Skills, including Data, Programming, Digital Marketing and Design.

Ready-to-use Teaching Materials

 Lesson Plans
 Presentation Materials
Classroom Activities
Assessment Rubrics

Unit Examples

Introduction to the world of technology and digital skills in professional environments. Students will experience key tools that are used regularly in businesses.

Use design to deliver the messaging and communication of a business.

Discover programming via the context of business cases, from building a website to solving user centric challenges found on professional websites.

Digital Marketing
Learn the art of how businesses reach their customers using technologies like Facebook, Google and email.

Learn what data is and how it is used with apps and websites. Learn what popular terms like Big Data mean and how it works.

The Future-Ready Journey

Student Work Examples


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