Technology Program for Ages 8+

Bring fun technology education courses to after school programs,
discovery weeks and holiday camps.


This Technology Education program brings out the fun in learning during out-of-school times including after school classes, discovery weeks, holiday camps and more. Students create real-world products and digital artifacts for their potfolios in every course. Students are also encouraged to explore various fields of Technology and base projects around their interests.


Our TechNovators curriculum has a library of after school lessons and technology camps designed for both introductory and continuing study of digital skills.

Teachers are able to choose which out-of-school time curriculum they prefer, location and instructors (led by themselves, fellow teachers or BSD instructors) to run the course.


 More than 100 After School Lessons curricula
More than 10 Technology Camps curricula
Online Learning Platform access for your school and students

Ready-to-use Teaching Materials

 Presentation Materials
Classroom Activities

Course Examples

Intro to Tech 6+
Explore the blend of offline and online activities like Google’s Earth Expedition.
Duration: 15 Hours

Design and Code Your First Game 8+
Explore game development from flowcharting and planning to coding an interactive game.
Duration: 15 Hours

Build Autonomous Vehicles with Micro:bit 10+
Explore coding language JavaScript to program customized games onto the Micro:bit.
Duration: 15 Hours

Virtual Reality (VR): Designing 3D Worlds
Explore possibilities with virtual worlds and create your own with HTC Vive and VR Headsets.
Duration: 25 Hours

The Flexible Schedule

Student Work Examples


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