The Course Structure

Our TechReady curriculum has various courses for each year group. Each course has 3 units of 20 hours each, for a total of 60 hours per course.


360 Hours of Content
Rubric Assessment
Capstone Project
Online Learning Platform access for your school and students

Ready-to-use Teaching Materials

Unit Overviews
Lesson Plans


Internet and Our World

Explore how the Internet has shaped our society.
Learn how to be a good digital citizen and code with HTML and CSS.
Create online posters, timelines, and websites.

Artificial Intelligence

Explore how AI works and disrupts today’s industries.
Learn to experiment with AI using pre-trained models and chatbots utilising HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Create a chatbot, digital newspaper and a variety of AI models.

Internet and Our World

Explore how communication has evolved and impacted lives.
Learn how to use digital communication and code with HTML and CSS.
Create digital profile pages and personal blog sites.

App Development

Explore how mobile technology can solve real-world challenges.
Learn about app development and frameworks using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Create app wireframes, databases, and prototypes.

The World of Data

Explore how data is collected, used and analyzed today.
Learn how technology supports and improves how data is used with code.
Create various data visualization dashboards.

Game Development

Explore how to plan, write and create cutting-edge game experiences.
Learn how to build games using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Phaser.
Create classic games like Choose Your Own Adventure and Platformer Games.

Key Benefits


Are able to challenge students to investigate how their community, society and different industries are impacted by technology.

Receive resources to teach fundamental principles and processes of computational thinking, design thinking, and user experience design.

Are provided ready-to-use teaching materials such as lesson plans, slides, activities, worksheets, and rubric.

Are given up to 6 hours of Professional Development training and ongoing support throughout the program.


Learn essential coding languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

Apply their understanding through research, planning, prototyping and creating solutions using technical skills and concepts.

Leverage technology to actively design, solve, collaborate and communicate as part of the process.

Develop the crucial 21st Century skills.

Courses finish with presentations, shareable online projects and a portfolio of work.

Student Work Examples


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