In light of Covid-19, Education and Educators have been adapting to the current health situation with the help of Technology.

We have been supporting teachers worldwide to continue bringing and delivering essential 21st Century Digital Skills to their students. To do this we are providing resources and support including virtual teaching guidance, free content access and webinars.

We have drawn on our experience from the last 6 years of enabling teachers to deliver digital skills learning virtually and in person to put together and share these resources.

Virtual Learning Resources for Educators

Virtual STEAM Curriculum
Teaching Materials and Delivery: Ready-to-use Curriculum

Integrate real-world, project based technology curriculum into all your subject areas so that your students, no matter their interest, can develop the skills required for the future. Let us know which curriculum works for you and we’ll help you bring it online.

Free Downloadable Infographic

As we’ve been running virtual classes with schools around the world in the past few months, we wanted to compile helpful tips that could support and guide you in case you decide to run them for your students.

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